Completion & Workover Fluids

Chemjet markets a complete array of Drilling Fluid Products; these products have become known as industry standards for many in the industry.

The Chemjet® products are used in Oil Base Muds (OBM), Water Based Muds (WBM), as well as Synthetic Based Muds (SBM) and Polymer Mud Systems (PMS) as theory, designs and formulations are required.

  • Viscosifiers +

    • Jet® Xan L: Liquid xanthan slurries available in multiple product concentrations.       
    • Jet® Zan 375G: Glycol-based liquid xanthan slurries available in multiple product concentrations.       
    • Jet® Vis: Liquid HEC slurries available in multiple product concentrations.       

  • Displacement Chemicals (Solvents/Surfactants) +

    • Jet ® Space III: Highly concentrated cleaning spacer with strong water wetting characteristics.
    • Jet ® Kleen 550: Environmentally friendly wellbore cleaner.
    • Jet ® Kleen 500: Rig Wash, surface cleaning concentrate.
    • Jet ® Drill MD: Drilling Mud Detergent.

  • Corrosion Inhibitors & Packer Fluid Products +

    • Jet ® Cide 250: Glutaraldehyde based biocide.    
    • Jet ® Hib 5426: Filming amine for both C02 and H2S corrosion.    
    • Jet ® Hib 5431: Drilling Corrosion Inhibitor for use in water-based drilling systems effective against O2, CO2, and H2S corrosion.    
    • Jet ® Hib 5434: Corrosion inhibitor and oxygen scavenger for non-sodium based systems…forms amine and bisulfite film.    
    • Jet ® Hib 5434B: Corrosion inhibitor, biocide, and oxygen scavenger for sodium based systems.    
    • Jet ® Treat 250: Anti-Foulant brine soluble with excellent corrosion and biocidal properties.    
    • Jet ® Hib 5560: Acid Corrosion Inhibitor - Medium to High Temperature.    

  • Defoamers +

    • Jet ® D Foam SI: Silicone based defoamer.       
    • Jet ® No Foam: Glycol based defoamer.       
    • Jet ® D Foam A: Alcohol based defoamer.       

  • Breakers +

    • Jet ® EB LT: Low Temperature Encapsulated breaker       
    • Jet ® EB HT: High Temperature Encapsulated breaker       

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